The Year of Oscar Romero


The Year of Oscar Romero was launched by the Diocese in January to celebrate his centenary. There will be a monthly focus taken from quotations, values or virtues relevant to Oscar Romero and will be linked to the liturgical season or a charity, or an event on the global calendar. An Oscar Romero Prayer Bag will be taken home by a child from each class on Fridays to share with their families. This is an opportunity for children and their families to learn more about Oscar Romero and to pray together.

Year of Oscar Romero

Each month there will be a prayer focus for the children to think and reflect on.

These will include:

January – Introduction to the life of Oscar Romero

February – Light

March – Poverty

April – Romero Cross

May – The Church

June – Pray and Share

July – Aspire not to have more

September – Peace

October – It is not God’s will for some to have everything.

November – Remembrance

December – Joy

To find out more about the Blessed Oscar Romero click on the link below.