Today Year 2 and Year 5 were visited by the Fire Service and learned about fire safety and what to do in the event of discovering a fire.


If you haven’t got a smoke alarm installed in your home please contact the number below and have one installed for free. IMG_0054

To request a free home fire risk and safety check:

Telephone 088000327777

or and follow the links.

Science Week in Nursery

Nursery had a great time with GreenShift Education during British Science Week. The Nursery children took part in a range of activities all about their senses. We had great fun using different senses while wearing blindfolds! Listening to sounds and guessing what it was, tasting different fruit and guessing what it was, touching different items in a bag without peeking and guessing what it was.

Our favourite game was dropping the coin into the cup with one eye closed!
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What a day we have had, we started at Infinite Air on the FreeJump course with over 40 trampolines and box sections, we bounced all over the place. We also did the Bag Jump, standing at nearly 3 metres above the podium floor, we looked down on to the huge airbag, and all eyes were on us. We were at the highest point in Infinite Air, looking out over the whole park, waiting to jump! We nearly all did it!

We also had a fantastic day full of challenge at Beamish Wild. We had the opportunity to learn how to manage risk in a controlled environment and overcome our fears with the support of our friends whilst having FUN.

We all attended a safety briefing and practiced our skills on the ground before heading to the treetops. Beamish Wild’s staff were on hand to supervise us at all times, throughout our high ropes experience which were really, really high and scary.

We hope you enjoy our photos as much as we have enjoyed our day.

Mrs Lawson.